Early in the morning, transfer with your guide to the gorilla trekking headquarters for the gorilla briefing and allocation before setting off to trek the mountain gorillas. 

Each trekking group contains up to 8 individuals and, once located, will spend one hour observing the gorillas as you marvel at the sheer size of the dominant male: the Silverback.  It is an extraordinary feeling sitting in the dense rainforest knowing you are with a few of the last remaining mountain gorillas.  It is amazing to think there are less than 1000 of these beautiful creatures left. 

We strongly recommend that you engage the services of a porter at the headquarters. Porters are not paid a wage and your support (and tips) is an essential income for them. The porters know the forest very well, they are likely to have completed over 50 treks by the time they qualify and they are trained in handling and will carry your bag, but most importantly they support you on the trek and are there if you get into difficulty.  It is in the interest of the whole group that each member hires a porter. 

For the trek you will need:

** Comfortable hiking boots.

** Your passport - required for the permit issue but can be given back to your guide before the trek.

**Lightweight back pack

**Waterproof camera bag & gaiters / or tuck your trousers into your long socks

** Some people find lightweight gardening gloves useful as there are sharp branches and nettles in the forest

** Walking stick (provided by the lodge and recommended).

** Hat or cap & Lightweight rain jacket

** Lunch & at least 2 bottles of water each (provided by the lodge)

** Cash for tipping and Porter hire