Women helping women: The town of Buhoma borders Bwindi Forest which is home to a community where women form the cornerstone of their families: raising the children, working the land and tending to their animals. Since these women are so busy they do not have the opportunity to learn new skills, develop a career, or earn money. Often, the women will explain how they feel undervalued and disempowered. Some are victims of abuse with very little support and can feel isolated.

To help these women, Habasa Evelyne and her husband Rubalema Denis formed Ride 4 A Woman in 2009. The program grew from renting bicycles to tourists to job-training, sewing, weaving, providing sheltered accommodation and now farming, cooking classes and a clean water pump which provides filtered water for the community.

This project economically and socially empowers local women in the closest communities surrounding Bwindi and is a grass-roots, non-profit organization. There are currently over 300 participants learning income-generating skills at the Bwindi Women's Community Centre. Visitors are welcome to come and see the work they are doing to change lives. Entrance is free but you may find yourself leaving with bag loads of handmade craft goods purchased from their beautiful shop where you can see the items being made.